Sparking joy, one line at a time 😊
I have studied in

Gimnasio los Monjes

I graduated in 2011. I got the best ICFES score of my class and got awarded Integral Student thanks to my academic performance. I also got a technical degree in accounting.


2012 - 2014
Here I learnt the basics of software development and web architectures, developing my interest in computer engineering. I got a technological degree in Software Development

Universidad de los Andes

Studying Systems and Computing Engineering since 2015 thanks to the Quiero Estudiar Escala scholarship given by the university to students with academic excellence but little financial resources. I expect to graduate in 2019

You can talk to me in


My native tonge.


A common use language I'm fluent in.
My current level is arround C1


La mia lingua preferita. I have basic understanding and expression in Italian

Things i'm good at

Very Good

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • SQL
  • Java


  • JavaScript
  • Matlab

Just picked up

  • Python/Django
  • Arduino/Processing
My awesome experiences
  • Campus Party


    I got to represent my program in the SENA at Campus Party Colombia, here I could see how awesome technology is and it’s world changing capabilities.

  • Key Energy Services


    I did an internship in this oil and gas company, here I developed a web system to help the HSEQ department control the employee’s medical records, optimized database queries for department reports and gave IT support to users from the office and on the field. Thanks to my good performance I was hired at the end of the internship.

  • Teaching assistant


    • In Introduction to computing engineering I worked helping students get used to university life in their first semester.
    • In Information technologies in the organization I solved student doubts, reviewed and graded assignments alone with giving feedback to projects.

  • Community Service


    I did community service with the university in a program designed to help students on their last high school year improve their results in the SABER test. Here I had to develop my communication skills to teach the students and design engaging and easy to understand classes. I found love in expressing the marvels of education.

My Projects

This projects goal is to help students in their last year of high school to decide their field of studies. It uses IBM Watson technologies such as: Conversational interfaces and personality insights to analyze the student interests and strengths through social networks analysis and chat bots.

Yale Smart-Lock

We worked with Yale in a group of five people to simulate their Smart-Lock system, with an IoT implementation we were able to implement access codes and send alerts of intrusion in real time.


A Data Base oriented project to organize festivals, we had to design implement and optimize the database to work with tons of information.

Things I ❤️